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Wireless Multi-USB charger for iPhone Android phone Qi-enabled phones PD fast charging

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  • Color : Black
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1.Fast Wireless Charger,Big Current, multi output individually, without interference
2.120W heavy Power, Output QC3.0 + PD3.0=93W; When all ports are working simultaneously, the max. output power can reach 120W.
3.110-240V input,suitable for most of coutries in the world
4. Intelligent Recognition Charging Equipment, Two Charging Modes (5V Universal Charging, 9V Fast Charging)
5.Independent big coin (10W fast charging for 5V/2A & 9V1.5A output chip), can fully charge iPhone X around 2h10m; 45W for charging MacBook with PD3.0 port, can fully charge it around 1.5hrs.
6.Automatic activation of FOD function, temperature control charging, temperature rise the power will be off, temperature drop and power will continue charging
7. Full automatic protection: do not always pay attention to charging status, Automatic trickle standby after power is full.
8.Low temperature at the whole process, not hurt on your phones


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